Company Overview

Started in January 2006 by Simon Bool. Simon has been in IT for more than 25 Years, below is a brief summary :

  • 418376_300219346709803_423370392_nStarted with PLC* equipment in the early 80s
  • Novell System Manager – started on 2.2 up to V4
  • HP3000 System Manager running ASK Manman Software
  • HP9000 System Manager running Oracle Financials
  • Remote Access Specialist – From the dial up days running US Robotics Total Control Equipment to VPNs as broadband availability took hold.
  • Senior Network Engineer – 10 Years at 3Com looking after global remote access and also in the team looking after the global wide area network.
  • PC support throughout this time, from the original floppy disk only PCs with DOS through all incarnations of Windows to Windows 10
  • Small Business Server Specialist.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 – 2010


*PLC – Programmable Logic Controller – Originally used to control assembly lines etc. I used to know my ladder logic.