Charges No VAT


We have a simple policy of being honest; and will not try and sell you something you don’t need or want.

We offer fixed rate prices for operating system upgrades/re-installs, or larger installations.

We are not VAT registered so these are the prices, no nasty 20% additions to the bill!


Home Customers:

First hour £50. Each additional 30 minutes £25. We usually know within the first hour if the PC needs to come back to the workshop, in which case the fee is fixed after the workshop inspection.

Business Customers / Server Exchange:

£65 for the first hour then charged in 30 min blocks at £32.50.

Call for daily rates.

Remote Support:

Priced in 30 minute blocks, home users £25 business £33. This is charged from the time the remote support session is established. If we can’t fix the problem remotely (we’ll know in 30 minutes) then this charge is waived if the customer agrees to a callout at the above rates.


Example Workshop Prices:

Windows reinstallation with your data replaced £130 Here’s what we do for that:

  • Backup your Data
  • Image the hard disk to a separate hard disk from your data – Just in case..
  • Install Windows and download Drivers for things like network/audio/graphics that quite often Windows doesn’t have. All updates from Microsoft. Install the usual things like Adobe reader/Anti Virus/Java and whatever software you have given us etc.
  • Restore your data
  • Then setup back onsite.

If you are happy that you have backup up your data then this is £80