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Have you ever faced the problem of switching broadband suppliers and then realised your old email address that everyone has will have to be changed ? How about buying yourself a domain name and a low cost hosting package for it. This would make you completely independent of whichever ISP you use.


If you run a business then owning your own domain name is an essential thing these days as more and more people turn to the internet to find services in their area. We can take care of all the setup and registration on your behalf.


We can provide hosting for your domain including the website or just purely for email. We have a hosting agreement with one of the UK’s leading companies using their data centres which are secure and fault tolerant. Prices start at £3.00 per month (10 email addresses, 2Gb disk storage for email* or your website)

Example Costs for Website & Email Hosting

This would be the total cost for a 2 year .co.uk domain including purchase, hosting then a visit to you to setup your PCs for the email:


.co.uk domain name(2 years)


24 Months Hosting @ £3.00/month


One time setup fee with home visit


Total cost for all features

*A parked domain is useful when you have bought yourcompany.co.uk and yourcompany.com and want all visitors to go to your main site.

Please contact us for further information

* storage for email only needed when using imap, if you want to use pop email then it’s only stored on the server until you check for messages