Boolean PC Services include…

  • Health Checks: is your PC running slower than it used to ?
  • Upgrades: run out of hard disk space ? Another drive can be added fairly easily to most systems and with the lower cost of these units today you can dramatically increase your storage. Need more memory ? This can  be added easily and will really speed things up when running the latest applications.
  • Need a new computer built ? we can put together systems to your specification and arrange all the data transfer from your old one including email, bookmarks etc. we also offer this service if you have bought a new system from somewhere else.
  • We also offer a data backup service and can take care of storage of this away from your location in case of fire etc.
  • Virus/Spyware removal:  where possible we will clean your PC of any infections and offer advice on how to prevent this happening again. Often these infections can be extremely persistent and in these cases sometimes it is best to get all the data off and completely restore the operating system from scratch; we can do this for you.